Friday Romance Reads To Devour 7/5

Friday Romance Reads To Devour 7/5
Pretty Daring
Jessa Kane
Ophelia has always been treated like a spoiled, little rich girl. Just once, she wants to be seen as a woman. When she collides with her housekeeper’s son on the day he’s released from prison, she gets her wish—and then some. After seven years behind bars, Ezra can’t control himself around such a sweet, young thing like Ophelia. She’s claiming to be his mother’s neighbor and he senses she’s lying…but he’ll have to worry about the details later. After she’s been claimed…
The Billionaire’s Gamble
Ava Miles
Self-made billionaire inventor and infamous bad boy Evan Michaels has lost the biggest gamble of his life in a poker game. For one month, he must live and work like a “normal” person in the small town of Dare Valley and give up his playboy ways. When Evan meets Margie Lancaster, his landlord and new boss, he’s not so sure he can make it a month.
Charlotte’s Search Box Set One
Simone Leigh
Charlotte’s Search – Box Set One

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When You Marry Two Men, What Happens Next?

As Charlotte’s wedding day approaches, will her marriage to one of her Masters affect her relationship with the other?
While her old enemy languishes in prison, has he forgotten her?
And as Charlotte searches for the mother she never knew, will the past return to reveal its secrets?
A BDSM Ménage Romance and Thriller

Emma Edwards

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