Friday Romance Reads To Devour 3/6

Friday Romance Reads To Devour 3/6
I’ll Catch You:
An Older Man Curvy Younger Woman Romance
Lauren Milson
Sassy mouth. Killer curves. Claire Beacon is the one woman I cannot live without, and I will stop at nothing to catch her, claim her, make her mine…even if she’s supposed to hate me.

I have something every man wants. A beautiful parcel of oceanfront property in Long Island, New York.
But I won’t sell. I don’t need some rich guy from the city coming through here, knocking down my heritage, and ruining the neighborhood.
Even if it would make me a millionaire overnight.
The land is more important to me and my family than gobs of money could ever be.
Instead, I’m happy with my modest little life: raising my niece, running my restaurant, and slamming the door in the face of every man who drives into town to give me an offer.
Until Peter walks through the door, catches my eye, makes me feel things I never have before, and turns my life upside down with a single look.

As a wealthy real estate developer, I can buy anything I set my sights on. And right now I have eyes on an oceanfront property that houses a cute little restaurant.
But when I meet the manager, she flips my world on its head.
Sassy mouth. Killer curves.
She’s meant to be mine, whether she comes with the land or not.
But before I can start to build the life I’ve always wanted, I have to knock down a few walls.
The ones around Claire’s heart.
They’re there for a reason.
But I will stop at nothing to claim her, win her, and make her mine – forever.

“I’ll Catch You” is a high-heat instalove short read featuring a possessive older man, an innocent younger woman, and a sweet HEA guaranteed.


xx, Lauren

Vested Interest
Elaina Jadin
Being pursued by five powerful men is the last thing I expected. As former marines, they’re used to facing down formidable opponents and getting the job done no matter what stands in their way. Now, they run a prestigious tech firm together. They’re at the top of their game—seductively handsome, dangerously smart, and extremely wealthy. But they’re determined to win more than just the bid for my new program—they’ve set their sights on me. Everything I’ve worked for is on the line. Do I dare let my guard down when the stakes are this high?
The Heartless Tide
T.M. Bashford
“I always love finding new authors, and this author is one to watch, because she has serious talent!” Amazon Reviewer.
Could you forgive the one you love of anything . . . even murder?
Behind the iron gates of their Malibu mansion hides the truth about Shae Love’s boyfriend. After the relationship ends in violence, Shae flees on her family’s yacht.
Drew Vega is running from something, too. When he meets Shae on a Samoan island, both conceal their destructive secrets but can’t resist falling for each other.
But there’s bigger problem lurking . . .
His name is Brett Abspoel and he’s Drew’s lifelong friend.
Not even Drew knows how much Brett’s chilling past has broken him . . . and how it’s led to Brett’s current obsession—Shae.
As their three lives collide, they fight to survive the wreckage of love—and hate.
Find out why reviewers have been staying up late into the night to finish this suspenseful three book romance serial (now complete).

Emma Edwards

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