Friday Romance Reads To Devour 10/30

Friday Romance Reads To Devour 10/30
The Christmas Proposal
Miley Maine
I thought crushing on my big brother’s best friend was no big deal. I thought that I’d get over it in time.

But no, I only wanted him more when I grew up.

I knew that he remembered me just as clearly as I remembered him.
He rejected me all those years ago because I was too young.
But the odds are still against us.
Grayson is a billionaire.
He’s my soon-to-be boss.
And most importantly, my brother would never approve of our relationship.
Grayson values their friendship.
Maybe more than he values our love.
But one thing’s for sure.
He can’t keep his hands off me.
Grayson was everything I needed after my recent breakup.
He should’ve been a quick fling.
A childhood crush that I needed to get out of my system.
Nothing about us was supposed to be permanent.

But when my pregnancy test reads positive, I know that hearts will be broken, relationships will be ruined, and the drama will begin.

Everything just in time for Christmas.

The Billionaire’s Secret
L. Steele
Saint Jordan Killian Caldwell
A gazillionaire with a panty melting smirk; and a soul as broken as my own.
I hadn’t expected to develop feelings for him.
Definitely hadn’t meant to fall in love with the man I must betray…
Paris Hansen
She’s looking for love, he looks like trouble.

While working with a matchmaker to find love, the last person Savannah St. James expects to fall for is the man behind the bar of her favorite restaurant. From day one, she’s pegged Gabriel Archer as a tattooed bad boy but quickly learns he’s more than he seems, and far more than she bargained for.

When someone from Gabriel’s past returns and he begins to shut her out, Savannah starts to doubt their connection. And when her life takes an unexpected turn, everything changes.

Will their relationship be over before it ever had a chance to begin?

Emma Edwards

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