Friday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 9/2

Friday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 9/2

Simply Amazing (Simply Series Book 1) by [Raydeen, Hadley]Simply Amazing

by Hadley Raydeen



Reg. Price: 2.99

Donia Parks has a history of bad relationships. She can never find Mr. Right when always falling for Mr. Right now.
Her best friend Blake Warren is always there to lend a shoulder to cry on, but he wants so much more with Donia. After her latest break up Blake is here once again for her and is ready to take things further, and just when he thinks he is getting through to her, Donia pushes him away once again. He has finally had enough and moves away from their home town to get away from her rejection.
It’s at that time Donia figures out she has been missing something with Blake all this time, and wants to find out what can be there for them. She takes the plunge and goes after him to tell her about her feelings for him, not knowing what she will find once she reaches his new home.
Has she lost Blake for good or is he willing to find what can be simply amazing between the two of them.


I AM DESPERATEI AM DESPERATE (Death Kiss Book 1) by [Black, Ashley]

by Ashley Black



Reg. Price: 2.99

I will open my legs for Ben Drake, but not my heart… The problem is this. When you have hated a person as long as I have. It is easier to hate than to love…

Ben is staring at me dazedly with those intense blue eyes, black star tattoo twinkling.
“You’re on the edge. Let me finish you off,” he invites with a cheeky smile.
“I play bass, so let me strum you with my tongue darlin and take you over.”

He lowers to his stomach, sliding down between my legs. He rests his bristled chin at the top of my mound, the friction of it, just that motion, has me convulsing.
The arrogant triumphant smile curving his lips is truly maddening. He is smiling that ‘you want me’ smile again.
And this time, he is right.
All of me wants this man.
His hands grip my tremulous hips, as he positions me for his tongue. He makes a great show of sliding it over his bottom lip before poking it out at me.
I groan, swallowing my laughter.
“You are so going to get it,” he sighs thickly. “You touching yourself, you getting off watching me, that was fucking hot, darlin.”

A HOT erotic, supernatural thriller – I AM DESPERATE will have you panting in DESPERATION for more of Ben Drake, a cheeky gorgeous rock star, and Lily Grim, a Death Priestess – these two SIZZLE!


I hate him.
Ben Drake. Stupid, pretty boy, rock star brat.
There is no beginning, middle or end to my hatred.
I hate his thick ridiculously long, blacker than midnight, eye lashes.
His cheeky smile and that stupid black star tattoo that winks at me.
The way his intense blue eyed stare parts my legs and rips down my panties.
Mostly, I hate what he has done to me.
And all that he will still do.
Which is why I will enjoy gifting him with a kiss
even his hopelessly sexy ghost will remember.
My death kiss.
Time to teach that pretty mouth a lesson.

V and Gwen’s story might be finished in the Bound for Pleasure series.

But the story isn’t over yet!

A hot erotic, supernatural, suspenseful story is just starting for Distortion’s ex-bass player Ben Drake, as he comes up against the terrifying, seductive, disturbed Death Priestess in his search of the band’s ‘cock souls.’

Problem is, someone else is eager for the band’s souls as well. Greasy, evil Record Executive Fred Swallows.

That man is not going to let his beloved band go without a fight. In his efforts to recover the valuable cock souls, Fred has joined forces with folk of the demonically bent variety. Shit is going to get ugly.
Does Ben have enough HEART to face this new evil and save the band?

He is devastated over loving a woman who chose the asshole ex-lead of his now defunct band Distortion.

If Ben’s broken heart will allow her in, the strange alluring and alarming Death Priestess might just save them all.



Deceived (Unlikely Heroes Book 3) by [Georgeson, Leslie]Deceived

by Leslie Georgeson


Kim Johnson is on a mission to destroy the man who murdered her parents. When the killer discovers she’s investigating him, Kim flees to a small cabin in north Idaho’s woods. What she doesn’t anticipate is the local sheriff, her hot new neighbor Zach Sullivan, showing up at her cabin in response to a 911 call. Already distrustful of cops, Kim feeds Zach lie after lie, refusing to tell him her real name or what she’s up to—or why there’s a dead man lying on her back porch. But Zach is determined to get the truth out of her.

Kim does her best to keep Zach at a distance, but she soon discovers there’s one thing she can’t lie about: her undeniable attraction to him. And when she finds herself falling for the one man who could ruin all her plans, she must decide what is more important: seeking revenge or protecting the people she loves.


Time Warper: FatedTime Warper: Fated (A Sage Hannigan Novel Book 1) by [Martinez, Peggy]

by Peggy Martinez




Eighteen-year-old Sage Hannigan wants to get back to her own time, preferably one that hasn’t been destroyed by an underworld plot brewing in Edwardian-era South Carolina. How hard can it be?

All she has to do is:

1. Learn to use newly acquired warping skills to bend time to her will.
2. Take out a few rogue vampires.
3. Join an ancient secret society.
4. Figure out who is putting the time stream in jeopardy.
5. Find and maim whoever invented the corset.

Sage never asked to be chosen by the Druid Priestess, Amerach, to become a Warper, and she never asked to have the future hanging on her shoulders or to warp a hundred years into the past. She certainly never asked to meet Dr. Aldwin Blake, who would make her question her desire to get back to her own time. But if she fails her mission, people will die, history will change, and the present she wishes to return to will be no more.

Emma Edwards

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