Friday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 3/25

Friday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 3/25


Evening Tryst

by Shelley Munro



Reg. Price: 2.99

Summer, 1940. Britain is at war, and her brave fighter pilots attempt to keep the enemy at bay.

To escape horrid memories and her managing mother, Pamela Allison leaves London and accepts a job from her aunt, working in the family store in the village. The last thing Pamela wants is a man, especially one who reminds her of her brutal, now deceased husband.

Enter Michael Stedman, a Spitfire pilot based at the Biggin Hill airbase. Depressed and a little drunk after the death of his best friend, he doesn’t expect to meet a beautiful woman, but something about Pamela tempts him. He’s not looking for anything permanent since a pilot’s life is fraught with danger, just a little feminine company to take his mind off the war. Kisses. Caresses. Walks in the moonlight.

London is under siege. Bombs drop every night and the danger increases for everyone. Michael and Pamela’s relationship deepens and they become lovers but gossip and the past intrude and threaten to destroy everything, including her good reputation.


Forsaking Gray
by K.L. Kreig


amazon Reg. Price: 2.99

Lies. Deception. Betrayal

Within less than twenty-four hours of proposing to the love of Gray’s life, Liva disappeared. No note. No trace. No explanation. Nothing. Now, five years later, she’s resurfaced and Gray will stop at nothing to make Livia his again. But is love enough to forgive an unforgivable wrong?

Livia had less than sixty seconds to make a decision that would change her life forever. She sacrificed. She suffered. She survived. Now that she’s back, she’s determined that no one ever discover her shameful secret – especially the only man she’s ever loved. But will hiding the past destroy her future?



Beautiful Entourage

by E. L. Todd



Being a professional escort comes with its vices. To keep women from getting too clingy, stop them from dropping their panties, and silence them before they can blurt the L word, Rhett has made certain rules. He never breaks them.


1. No Kissing.
2. No Feelings.
3. And definitely, absolutely, no sex.

But when Aspen, a beautiful brunette, hires him to help repair her image to her family, things get complicated. Rhett’s never had a problem separating work from pleasure. But now work and pleasure seem to be one and the same. (less)


Her Billionaire Rancher Boss

BY Genevieve Turner



She’s handed in her resignation—but this wealthy rancher has another position in mind…

In three months, Pilar Lopez will be free: free of the charity she’s always had to take from the Merrill family, free to live where she wants, free to be her own person. The secretarial job Benedict Merrill gave her five years ago has allowed her to support her younger brother and she’s indebted to the wealthy rancher. But soon her brother will be on his own and she’ll leave the tempting Benedict—and her powerful attraction to him—behind forever.

When she hands in her resignation, Benedict reveals plans of his own—ones that involve Pilar in his bed. She can handle a three month affair, no sweat. But when she starts to fall for Benedict, will she be able to handle loving him for always?

Emma Edwards

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