Friday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 3/11

Friday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 3/11


Owned: Mafia Menage Romance

by Meg Watson



Reg. Price: 2.99

An arranged marriage to the Russian hitman… and his twin brother? It’s an outrage!
$0.99 for a limited time! Regular price $2.99!
Mafia princess Marie Lauro always knew that duty to the family was worth any sacrifice, but she never believed her father would order her to be married against her wishes.

Roman and Alek Borosliev are new pawns in the ongoing turf war between the Russian Mob and Italian Mafia. Twenty years of peace is nearly shattered when Roman receives orders that he is to take the Mafia princess as his bride. But the Russian twins have ideas of their own about what kind of bride they really want, ideas that would shock the Italians if they knew.

The last thing a hitman wants is a wife. But the only way they’ll be safe is in each other’s arms. How can this blood-soaked union survive?

BONUS! The full length serial “Billionaire Brothers” is included as a special thank you to my readers!

***Standalone, full-length novel with bonus material. HEA menage romance with bad boys, violence, swearing, arranged marriage but NO CHEATING! ***


Wild One (Wilding Pack Wolves 4)

by Alisa Woods



Reg. Price: 2.99

He’s a shifter gang leader. She’s a halfling on the run. The Wolf Hunter is after them both.
When a beautiful female stops a thug from snatching a kid in Marco’s gang, he can’t stop drooling. Julia grabs the chance to hide until she puts her life back together. But what if the hot shifter leader wants her to stay… and be his mate?



Highway Song

by Jessa Jacobs



After witnessing a murder, Amy’s running from a vicious gang. Her last dollar brings her to Smokey’s Roadhouse, a rough biker bar in the middle of nowhere Wyoming, where she takes a job in the hope of saving some money before the killers are again hot on her heels.

The last thing she expects is her ex-stepbrother, Rex, to show up. To her relief, he doesn’t recognize her, but he comes on to her like a bike in flames and she has to find the will to resist both the childhood dream he’d rescue her from her abusive father and today’s lightning spark. Amy’s still not out of hot water because a girl on the run is vulnerable. When one of the toughest bikers in the bar makes it clear he’ll have her—with or without her consent— will Rex stand up for her not knowing who she is? Or will she have to tell him her secret and reveal that the fire between them is forbidden?

Would-be rock star Rex is a man who knows what he wants and usually gets it, especially if it’s a woman—and it always is. When the band’s bus catches fire leaving him stranded at a hole in the wall roadhouse, and the sexy barmaid needs a favor, he’s willing to grant it—with strings attached.

She’ll do anything to leave, even if it means accepting the sizzling bargain only she knows is forbidden. And he’ll do anything to achieve the fame he’s always craved, not knowing the attention will mark her for murder—or worse.


It’s Not My Favorite

by Rue




“An irreverent, modern-day, romantic comedy!”

The Hutchinson sisters grew up under the piercing, pious stare of a preacher’s wife. Plagued by her ever-disappointed refrain, “Well, it’s not my favorite.” Their search to find their own way in the world has not been a screaming success.

Gwenn is a good girl, a responsible girl…a miserable girl. Her steady diet of vivid fantasies is the only part of her life she enjoys. She daydreams of new parents, a more exciting job and an actual love life. She struggles to run a business as The Organizer, while she stacks relationship carcasses in the closet of her own completely unorganized life. Her only real friend is her younger sister, Rachel.

Rachel is outgoing, risqué and happily gay. The only people who don’t know this little secret are her judgmental parents, Pastor Ed and Shirley. Rachel struggles mightily to dodge her mother’s constant attempts to set her up with “nice Christian boys”; while holding down a job at the bakery and keeping up with her rock-star girlfriend!

Gwenn uncovers a photo that brings her imaginary world careening into reality. She’s forced to ask herself if wealthy artist, Daniel Gregory is the answer she’s been seeking or a grand delusion.

Break-ups, meltdowns, family secrets, wild nights and finally a journey of self-discovery to exotic New Zealand keep Gwenn and Rachel stumbling toward independence.

So grab your parka and join the Hutchinson girls, as they experience the Lake Effect in Duluth, Minnesota!

Also available on B&N – KoboiTunes

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