Friday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 2/19

Friday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 2/19


Caress of Magic

byKatrina LaFond


Kate is a witch, born and bred. With her boyfriend, Ethan, and his brother Russell, she has made a satisfying life for herself, fighting evil and protecting those she cares for. During one of those battles, Kate is transported far away, with no memory of who or what she is. Believing her dead, a depressed Ethan tries to go on with his life. When Kate recovers her memory and returns, she finds him in the arms of anotherwoman. Furious, she vows that she’s done with him, done with her life as a witch, and determines to prove that she doesn’t love him anymore.

But Kate has caught the attention of a powerful evil, and she is now the hunted. Can she and Ethan find their way back to each other? And if they do, will dark magic tear them apart again?

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by Shéa MacLeod



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A Powerful Witch

Emory Chastain is more than a curvaceous redhead with an affinity for herbs and spices. She’s a Spellwalker: one of the most powerful Witches of the modern era. Only two people know her secret: her best friends, Lene and Veri. But when a strange madness afflicts seemingly unrelated people in their funky little corner of Portland, turning ordinary citizens into raving beasts, Emory and her friends must risk discovery to help the humans who don’t even know they exist.

A Guardian of Atlantis

Handsome warrior Noah Leveau once guarded the last King of Atlantis. A near-immortal who’s outlived everyone he ever loved, Noah hates his long, lonely existence. But when he comes to Portland to say goodbye, he’s drawn into the mysterious doings of Emory Chastain and her coven. One look, and he can’t turn away. A few moments in her presence, and he’s already in too deep. Suddenly immortality doesn’t seem so bad—if he can manage to keep Emory from learning his secret.
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Dangerous Temptations

by Annie Jocoby



Reeling from multiple tragedies, Serena Roberts is determined to start a new life in sunny California. And this time she’ll get it right. No men who are determined to hurt her. No destructive impulses.

Anybody is capable of murder… under the right circumstances.

Slade Bridgewell is rich, charismatic, devastatingly handsome — and accused of a brutal murder. The very last thing he needs is a beautiful houseguest who also happens to be an empath.

An affair could ruin them both

As Serena and Slade become dangerously entwined, it quickly becomes apparent that nothing — and no one — is what they seem. Soon Serena is deeply entrenched in a torrid and sadistic affair with the one man who remains a mystery to her.But when it becomes obvious that Slade is capable of murder, she has to ask herself the ultimate question; Did he do it? And will he do it again?


Driftwood Cowboy

by Lenora Worth



Can she heal from a tragedy too great to bear?

When Michelle Lancaster flees her hometown of Spirit, Louisiana to spend time at a beach retreat in Driftwood Bay, Florida, she only wants to run from the tremendous pain of a tragedy that caused her perfect life to shatter into pieces.

But on the day when the memories become too much, a man steps into her path on the beach and causes her beloved horse Coco to almost throw her. Not to mention this is the one man Michelle has tried to avoid. But laid-back boat captain and artist Brodie Stevens has his eye on Michelle and soon, he is pursuing her with a strong-willed determination. He too is haunted, but believes that together they can heal each other. Now the driftwood cowboy must convince Michelle it’s possible to hope… and to love again.


Emma Edwards

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