Friday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 10/21

Friday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 10/21

The Price of Iniquity (The Indigo Eye Book 2) by [Scarletti, Nicolette]The Price of Iniquity

by Nicolette Scarletti



Dara is back from Scotland with no memory of her run in with Kristoff. Amnesia brought on by trauma is what she was told. The prescription: to remember on her own.

Then she’s approached with a case that will submerge her in the dark underworld of the Nocturns once more. But this time they are dealing in sex slaves and murder.

Along the way she’ll have to face Josef after leaving him in Scotland. And learn a truth about her childhood crush.
Can Dara survive facing Kristoff again? Will she be able to trust anyone when betrayal is revealed? Or will she end up paying the price of iniquity?


The Reunion GameThe Reunion Game: Ladies of Legend (The Winchesters of Legend, TN Book 1) by [Scarbrough, Jan]

by Jan Scarbrough



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Pickings are slim in Legend, Tennessee, until a high school reunion gives thirty-something Jane Smith a second chance to exorcise the demon of Graham Winchester and get on with her life.

Switching places with her famous and glamorous twin sister is just what small town girl Jane needs to get Mr. Most Likely to Succeed into bed and out of her heart.



Proud Hearts (Wild Hearts Romance Book 2) by [Sullivan, Phoenix]Proud Hearts

by Phoenix Sullivan




With the grant money needed to continue her video journalism work with a pride of Zambian lions fast running out, Deidre (Dee) Young reluctantly signs a contract to help create a “Living With Lions” episode for the popular Living With… reality TV show.

Star and Hollywood idol Chris Corsair is just as arrogant and self-absorbed as Dee feared he would be. That is, until an accident forces Dee and Chris to rescue one of the pride’s cubs, and Chris proves to be more than just a pretty face with a rock-hard body play-acting the hero.

But even as Chris and Dee burn up the hot nights with their new-found passion, a hunter arrives on scene determined to stop at nothing–even murder in the isolated African bush–to take home the head of Brutus, the alpha lion of Dee’s beloved pride.

To save Brutus and themselves, they’ll have to trust to their lions, each other, and the strength of a love that threatens to tame them all.


The Amalfitano’s Bold AbductionThe Amalfitano's Bold Abduction (Italian Billionaires Book 3) by [Blake, Jennifer]

by Jennifer Blake



Dana Marsden’s first mistake is stopping on the fog-shrouded Amalfi Coast road to help clear a traffic jam. Her second is rescuing the valuable cat that appears out of the mist. And the third? Trusting the handsome Italian who comes to her aid when her rental car plunges over a cliff in what may not have been an accident.

Since the American police officer refuses to believe she’s in danger, Andrea Tonello sees only one option: spirit her away to the safety of his private island.

But who’s going to protect him from one mad, independent lady when Dana discovers what he’s done?

Emma Edwards

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