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(Knights of Silence MC Book Five)

Nick “Sainte” Saintero is ready to begin his new life with the Knights of Silence MC. Leaving the Vitali crime family was not easy, but he knew there was a part of his past there he had to face. What he didn’t know was this move would be the biggest challenge of his life. Sainte is not a man who will cower from anything – not the death of a beloved MC brother or the woman who insists on fighting him at every opportunity. Instead, he takes the bull by the horns and fills the hole left by the lost MC brother with ease all while doing everything in his power to show Honey that he will not let her down. He’s determined and he’ll make her his, even if he has to save her from herself first.

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Meet Amy Cecil

Amy Cecil is an award-winning Indie author of both historical and contemporary romance. Her penchant for Austen fan fiction, won her the title of Favorite Historical Romance Author (2016-2017) while her MC series has won several awards throughout the Indie community. Recently, she has expanded her repertoire to the thriller and erotic genres.

For as long as she can remember, Amy always had a book (or two) that she was reading for the love of getting lost within its pages. Amy has been heard to have said, “I’ve never given much thought to becoming a writer myself until I realized that if I hadn’t written my own version of Mr. Darcy, I might have run out of material to read.”

And thus, her first novel was born, A Royal Disposition. In the words of Miss Austen herself, “I wish as well as everybody else to be perfectly happy; but, like everybody else, it must be in my own way.” Ms. Cecil writes to do just that.

She lives in North Carolina with her husband, Kevin, and their four dogs. When she isn’t creating her next masterpiece, or traveling the country for book signings, she enjoys spending time with her husband, friends, and of course her fur babies.

Interview with Amy Cecil

Q:   Tell us about your publishing journey.  Did you always want to be an author?

Amy: I started writing in the late summer of 2011 and my first novel, A Royal Disposition was published the end of May 2012.  Why did I start writing you ask? I guess I had a story to tell.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been an avid reader.  I like several different genres and when I find a new one, I become obsessed. In 2011, I discovered, really by accident, Jane Austen fan fiction (JAFF) and I was hooked. And, like I said, I had become obsessed.  I was reading two to three books a day.  It had gotten to the point that I felt that I was running out of JAFF to read.  When I had expressed this to my best friend and her two daughters, they all replied, in unison, “Write your own.”  Up until that point, I had never thought that I could be a writer.  But with their encouragement, and the support of my husband, I set out to write my first novel and A Royal Disposition was born.

After writing two JAFF books, I wanted to venture into a new and exciting genre.  I would have to say my love for Harleys, Jax Teller and Sons of Anarchy ignited that fire.  But I will let you in on a little secret. The MC series was originally supposed to be a modern day P&P variation.  But somehow during the writing process it was getting increasingly difficult to turn Mr. Darcy into a badass biker.  He’s too much of a gentleman.  And so I decided to create my own alpha badass biker.

Q:   For those who are new to your series, what is the story about?

Amy: The series follows a biker club called the Knights of Silence MC.  The story follows the main character, Ice (aka Caden) as he goes from living the privileged wealthy life in a world in which he doesn’t ever fit into to ending up as the MC president, the world he was born to live.  Throughout the series, there is drama, action, romance and loss as the MC deals with the day-to-day issues they face.  The first two books are about Ice and the return of his childhood sweetheart, Emma.  Then the series moves in and focuses on some of the other characters like Rebel, Honey and finally Sainte.  Their struggles and triumphs are real  but they never lose the sense of family and brotherhood they’ve received from the MC.

Q:  Tell us about your heroine.  What inspired her quirks and struggles?

Amy: In Sainte, Honey is the heroine.  When I first started writing the series, I had never planned on Honey being a key character in the storyline, but as the series progresses, I realized that her story needed to be told.  She even got her own book in the series (#4).  Honey was cast aside by Ice when Emma returned to the scene.  She was forced to help Emma adjust to the MC life and had to watch their love for each other grow.  Honey is a recovering addict and struggles daily with her addiction.  She is hard on the outside, but soft on the inside.  She’s terrified to love and until the end, is totally unsure of what her heart wants.  She is devoted to the MC and loyal to the core.  When she finally realizes whom she is meant to be with, her entire world changes and everyone sees the strength she has.

Q:   Tell us about your hero.  What motivates him?

Amy: Nick “Sainte” Saintero started out his life as “bad kid,” even spending a few years in a juvenile detention facility.  When he gets out, he lands a job with the Vitali Crime Family as their number one hit man. (This family and story is a 2-book spin-off series to the Knights series title Forgetting the Enemy and Loving the Enemy.)  He decides to leave the crime family and “retire” with the MC.  He has ties to Ice and Emma and feels that is where he needs to be.  When he meets Honey, from the very beginning he knows she’s the woman for him, but she fights him as every turn.  When Honey is at her lowest, Sainte is her white knight in black leather and basically saves her from herself.  He’s cocky and totally alpha and he knows exactly what she needs to be able to live again. He’s motivated by family and the brotherhood of the MC.

Q:   Where can our readers find you?

Amy: I’m all over social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as Amazon, Goodreads and Bookbub. 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/authoramycecil

My street team and reader group:  Amy’s Amazing Street Girls


My Spoiler Group for the Knights series:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/510758405985409/






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